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LEGO lamp! - Hello.

About LEGO lamp!

Previous Entry LEGO lamp! Mar. 19th, 2009 @ 05:25 pm Next Entry
When my roommate moved out of the room that is now mine, she left behind several useful items, like a throw rug, an extension cord, and an odd sort of light-on-a-string. It's basically a socket for a light bulb on the end of a long cord, with the switch about two feet from the plug (and about five feet from the socket). I needed a bedside lamp, so I decided to make one - using LEGO bricks.

Here's what the light looked like at first. I have no idea what's up with the weird plastic bit surrounding the bulb. It was easy enough to remove it, so I did.

As everyone who's ever played with LEGO bricks knows, an important first step in any construction project is dumping out your box of bricks.

Since most of my bricks are opaque, and I wanted my lamp to actually give off light, I sorted out all the clear and translucent pieces for the "lampshade" part.

...and here they are! Along with Lucius Malfoy and the Orange Scuba Diver.

Top bit is nearly finished (though I ended up redoing the bottom part of it):

Hey look, it works!

I wanted the switch to be as close to the lamp as possible, so all that extra cord had to go somewhere. I coiled it up and built the bottom around it.

After I finished the bottom (I used an arch piece for the cord to go through and put a big flat base on it), I flipped it over and realized that the socket was kind of lopsided.


So I added some bricks to the inside to hold it more securely.

I put sloped bricks around the top and between the two levels to give it a more finished look, and then I was done!


And it works, too, check it out:

It's not the most sophisticated lamp ever, but it serves its purpose and I like it.
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