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Minesweeper Quilt, Part Two - Hello.

About Minesweeper Quilt, Part Two

Previous Entry Minesweeper Quilt, Part Two Apr. 1st, 2007 @ 09:01 pm Next Entry
To resume the thrilling saga of yesterday...

So yeah, quilting = finished. Not very well, mind you - there were several bits where fabric overlapped or threads got snarled or my supposed-to-be-straight-line-sewing wandered - but at least it was finished. Next I painted a yellow circle on the square at the top, for the New Game smilie face, you know.

Also I picked out ten mine sites and marked them with pin X's. The rest of the squares are number squares, so I marked them with the appropriate number of pins.

The picture makes more sense than my words are probably doing.

If I'd had more time I'd've appliqué'd the numbers & mine flags, or embroidered (ha, right) them or something, but since I was getting rather down to the wire in terms of getting the thing finished in time for the contest I busted out the Sharpies instead.

CLASSY. Also I painted black rectangles (badly) on the top bit for the Mines Left counter and the Time Elapsed clock. I wanted to paint the numbers as well but it would have required several coats and by this time it was literally less than half an hour before the contest submission period closed so instead I cut out bits from red felt and used red paint to stick them on. (What? I was in a hurry, and finding glue takes effort.)

I've never SEEN such slapdashery. Well, except when I made that Legolas costume that was primarily held together with bits of duct tape. Or when I constructed "leather pants" out of black plastic trash bags. Or when I needed a quick Halloween costume so I saftey-pinned cloth swatches to my pants legs, hung a cardboard peace sign around my neck, and called myself a hippie. So there has actually been a great deal of slapdashing in my life.

Also I never finished the edges. The (cropped) full-length photos look all right though.

So there you have it. You should all go to Craftster.org and vote for me. Er...I mean, take a look at all the entries and decide which one you like the best. and then vote for me anyway.
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