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Minesweeper Quilt, Part One - Hello.

About Minesweeper Quilt, Part One

Previous Entry Minesweeper Quilt, Part One Apr. 1st, 2007 @ 12:18 am Next Entry
Once upon a time Craftster had a quilting challenge. It went "Quilts Inspired by Games." I like Minesweeper. I decided to make a Minesweeper quilt. I assembled all the ingredients...

(I enjoy my colorful and varried bedding.)

...and went to bed. This involved tossing the ingredients haphazardly onto the floor, except the black thread, which I apparently chucked in a wormhole or something, because I had the devil of a time finding it the next day.

Speaking of the next day, that's when I began the construction process, starting with a sheets-and-batting sandwich on the living room floor.

I marked the game grid on the back, like so:

Then I pinned the three layers together, set up my sewing machine, and went to get that black thread I'd laid out so neatly the night before.

A casual search revealed no black thread. A more thorough search turned up a distinct lack of black thread. A highly meticulous, picking-things-up-to-look-under-them search did not result in black thread being added to my inventory. I can't imagine why I was unable to find it...

(^ My room. Impeccable organization.)

Actually I can. It was in the laundry basket, naturally, burried under several articles of dirty clothing, as I discovered when I gave up on my quilt in despair and started washing clothes. I was so overjoyed to find that black thread that I promptly ate lunch.

Cheese + tomatoes + mayonnaise = TASTY! (I have been a practicing vegetarian for a week and a half now. I hope I can keep it up for, you know, a reasonably significant amount of time.)

Also there were grapes.

Post-lunch the quilting began. Quilting on a not-long-arm sewing machine can be rather difficult. I had to take frequent breaks to peruse online comics and browse Facebook.

(My knee is probably under there somewhere.)

Things happened, the earth turned, the birds sang, the flowers grew, and eventually the quilting was finished.

WHEE. Now I am le tired, and will finish this when I awaken. Or perhaps later. Or perhaps never. WE SHALL SEE.

Update: I finished. Read part two!
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